Sakura Tsuruta is a Japanese musician and a composer, whose works expand upon her cultural and musical boundaries. She is a firm believer in collaboration, understanding that the ability to exchange and share ideas is crucial, creating an entirely new medium. Her approach allows her to create abstract electronic music for a variety of media including film, dance, and installations. Her sound is best recognized as an intricate blend of warm and metallic, yet consistently emotionally engaging.

Born in Hiroshima, Sakura has been fascinated by music since a young age; having learned to play many instruments especially the piano. She studied at Berklee College of Music and began her career as a music therapist, drawn by the therapeutic power of music to help others. After graduating the college in 2013, she pursued clinical work primarily in psychiatric and neurological disorder units in the US. Through her improvisational and holistic approaches in clinical work, her interest in producing music and interactive design grew rapidly, and she returned to Berklee to pursue studies in Electronic Production & Design in 2015.

Sakura focused her studies on production, sound/interactive design, and music for multidisciplinary art, where she studied closely with Neil Leonard, the director of Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute (BIAI). At BIAI, she collaborated with various artists including Carlos Casas and Terence Blanchard, and her soundscape composition was featured in the interactive concert for 100 iPhones, realized in collaboration with INESC Tech, Portugal.

In 2016, she travelled to the UK where she worked with British composer and artist Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), assisting him in scoring and sound design for mediums such as dance and sound installation, including working on the world’s first VR Ballet with Dutch National Ballet, which received the Cinequest Film & VR Festival Award at the prestigious American Cinequest Film & VR Festival in San Jose.

She returned to Tokyo in the summer of 2017 after living abroad for 7 years, with ambitions to continue and expand her musical career as a composer and a DJ. 





バークリー音楽院卒業後はアメリカ国内で神経障害病棟、精神医療病棟を主に音楽療法士としての臨床活動を行う。様々な患者と向き合う日々を過ごすうちに音楽とテクノロジーの関係性に魅力を感じ、作曲、DJなどに着手する。次第にプロダクションやインタラクティブデザインにのめり込み、更なる追求を果たすためバークリー再入学を決意、Electronic Production & Design 科に合格。

二度目の学士では、臨床活動を行ってきた経験を生かし制作、サウンドデザイン、インタラクティブデザインの研究に力を注ぐ。Richard Boulanger、Neil Leonard 、Jeff Baust にプロダクション、プログラミング、デザインを師事、そしてNeil Leonard率いるBerklee Interdisciplinary Art Institute (BIAI) に2年に渡り所属。BIAI では、Carlos Casas、Terence Blanchard などと共演。ポルトガル INESC Tec 開発グループとの共同プロジェクトでは、彼らが開発したアプリケーション a.bel を使用し、オーディエンスの iOS デバイス100台のみで奏でるインタラクティブコンサートを主催、また独自のサウンドスケープ作品を提供。

2016 年夏には、ロンドンを拠点にヨーロッパ各国で活躍中の現代音楽家、Robin Rimbaud (Scanner)のアシスタントに抜擢される。イギリス各地、クロアチアなどで展示中のサウンドアート作品など、数々のイノベーティブな制作に携わる。制作、編曲をサポートしたオランダ国立バレエ団による世界初バーチャルリアリティーバレエの音楽制作は、同年アメリカ、サンホゼ州にて開催されたAmerican Cinequest Film & VR Festivalにて、Cinequest Film & VR Festival Award を受賞。

2017年夏にはElectronic Production & Design科を首席で卒業と共に、Roland Awardを受賞。卒業を機に7年ぶりに本帰国。東京を拠点とし、SAKURA TSURUTA名義でプロダクション、DJ活動を再開し、日本のエレクトロニックミュージックシーンへの貢献を望んでいる。